Self training and what to have always in mind

Since a bit more of a year I started training in the solitude of my home all by myself and having only my blue belt karate training as a youngster and 2 years gym background for starting my very own routine…

I managed to weight down from 225 pounds to 170 in that amount of time. How did I manage to accomplish this goal?  well, simply by having this 3 things in mind:

My Health

I was having a lot of pain in my calves from many years in a row, the pain was unbearable and I couldn’t even climb stairs without having this demonizing pain, so, I went to the specialist and there he said I had flat-foot, had to start using foot pads for the rest of my life and gave me a soothing cream for easing the pain.  Oh yeah, and one more thing I was overweight, that was awful I managed to have a very active life in my childhood and when my teen years came by I went up the scale a lot, around my 20th I did become more active again and enrolled at the gym, managed to put down a lot of weight but after I couldn’t fit 2 hours of gym in my university schedule went up to 200+ pounds again (sigh…)

This time was for real, my health was at risk and I didn’t want to go back to the gym.  So, I did my own training set with the equipment I had at home.  My equipment was:

  • An olympic bar I got without the discs.
  • Two dumbbells of 25 pounds each.
  • A used abs bench.
  • My 80 pounds (aprox.) punching bag.
  • My weight and an app for taking note of every day record.

With this in hand we get to the second thing to have in mind.

My schedule

I know;  work, studies, family time, social life.  All of those things matter a lot, some of them consume a lot of our time but we always have spare time, always, always, always have spare time.  The real problem is to find that time, that precious time in wich we are doing absolutely nothing and can be changed to training time.

I did my training time in sunday mornings.  It was exactly the time for me to put my workout schedule, minimal noises around, that omnious feeling of a new week coming along, the house was empty (it was a real issue for me to be alone at my training) it was the perfect time for my workout schedule.  Now what we need to have in mind is where on our schedule we will fit our training and stick to that schedule.  Also I did a morning schedule after shower to weight myself and then write it up on my smartphone app wich takes me about 10 seconds of the day.

What goes in my mouth

This is an issue with a lot of people.  You see, we have all this gym rats full time on that smelly place and they have tons of food all the time, big portions of everything and they do almost no cardio at all.  At this point they can afford to eat that bad, since they’re at the gym at all times and that double cheese burger will finish being sweated in a few weeks, so, that’s no issue for them.  But when you are training at home you have to think very carefully before eating and what do you eat.

I put myself as an example.  When I started training I diminished my intake a lot, even coworkers asked me: “is that the only thing you gonna eat?”, “do you really fill with that?”  And my answer was always positive: “Yes I get satisfied with that amount of food”  It took a long time of trial and error to find my real “portion” rate for food.  Some say it’s what you fit in your hand.  It’s better to eat large on breakfasts and almost nothing on dinner.  There is a lot to be said on food intake, but the real deal on knowing what can you and what you can’t eat to stay fit is YOU!  Nobody knows your better than yourself and being honest, the only one to have control over your food intake is you.

Wrap it up

So, this is what I did to get from 225 pounds to 170 twice in my life and never getting back to that hiddeous weight.  Having in mind that training is for being healty, happy and not a freak who doesn’t fit in his own clothes.  Knowing that training is part of my life schedule and not an imposition neither a punishment for heavy eating.  And at last, what the hell do I put on my mouth!  Is it good for me, is it only for indulging myself? How much do I weight after eating that specific food?

I hope this helps you to have a better insight on training at home.


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