Training with coffee


Since last sunday I started my training routine with half a cup of cold coffee.  I have to say it was great, my energy levels are way up, the tiredness never came (as it usually does) and I could keep up with the rest of the day routine.

When I heard about this at first I really didn’t believed in such premise, I mean, how can a few ounces of regular coffee help me in my training at all?

But after a while I tried and it really was an improvement to my training.  Right now I’m having half a cup of black coffee at room temperature about half hour before training so it can be absorbed by my system way before I start my cardio training and keep drinking cold water as usual during the entire training session.

Here I share a video of my 3 minutes free style bag training after my 2 hours routine which includes cardio + weightlifting + running to show how much energy I have at the end of it.

Training with coffee

I will keep posting more training and exercise tips here in the future, also I hope you liked the tip and any doubts or comments be free of posting them here.


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