Mucho tiempo después…

El día de hoy he revisado mi blog nuevamente desde hace ya algún tiempo.
Los posts que publique y los draft que deje a medias me recuerdan que ya no soy la misma persona que era antes.  He cambiado, he crecido, pienso distinto y muchas cosas han pasado en mi vida en todo este tiempo. He afrontado nuevos retos y he superado crisis,
he fallado como todo ser humano y he tratado de enmendar mi actuar, he tenido victorias y he tratado de no vanagloriarme de ellas.

Me pregunto yo hoy: es acaso esto lo que dicen que es crecer?

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A Weekend With The All-Electric BMW i3

This gallery contains 21 photos.

The future is here.


Google + new Look and Feel and I like it!

Google + new Look and Feel and I like it!

Google + showed a new paint job today, and I really like it. It’s very friendly with your pictures, it makes you look upside down, backwards and forward no stopping action. What can I tell you, I like the redesign.

As somebody without a Facebook account (for real I’m an FB virgin. I’ve never created an account ever) G+ it’s my main social network and I’m really pleased with the changes they have made.

Check it for yourself and feel free to add me to your circles if you wanna.

“disclaimer: I don’t own the pictures showing on the post, they are from incredible photographers I added on my circles and I love to see their work every day.”

Bloques SQL de IF-THEN-ELSE en Oracle 8i

Pues no existen para select simples…

Si nos vemos en la necesidad de generar un query de select simple y deseamos tener una respuesta logica de IF-THEN-ELSE sin tener que programar un PL completo, en lugar de los bloques IF-THEN-ELSE en Oracle 8i utilizamos los DECODE dentro de un select simple.

decode(expresión a comparar, valor esperado, resultado a mostrar)

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Mobile blogging

I’ve installed the android version of wordpress, so I can keep writting stuff while I’m at the bus and other unusual places to blog.

I’ll write about it while I get used to it and see if it feels good or not.

Have a nice and productive week everybody.

Self training and what to have always in mind

Since a bit more of a year I started training in the solitude of my home all by myself and having only my blue belt karate training as a youngster and 2 years gym background for starting my very own routine…

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Training with coffee


Since last sunday I started my training routine with half a cup of cold coffee.  I have to say it was great, my energy levels are way up, the tiredness never came (as it usually does) and I could keep up with the rest of the day routine.

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